Inspection Machine

Description :

  • Inspection machine is references to the apparel industry can be defined as the visual examination or review of raw materials partially finished components of the garments.
  • An advanced inspection machine with both front and back side rolling. 
  • With 100% reversible, 100% of the tablets are held in reserve for inspection with inspection capacity about 7-8 lakh tablets per shift depending upon tablet size. 

Features :

  • Compact Design
  • No change part required.
  • High-speed visual inspection with high output.
  • Both coated and uncoated tablets & caplets of all sizes can be inspected.
  • Complete tablet surface is inspected on both faces.
  • Comply with GMP standard.

Specifications :

  • Motor : ¼ HP, 220Volts, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
  • Gear Box : YESH 40:1
  • Inspection Belt : Nylon Endless
  • Conveyor Speed : 0.25Mts./Sec.(Speed Can be Varied)
  • Dimension of the Machine : L6.5’x W1.2’x H4.6′
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