Defoiling Machine

Description :

  • De-foiler is self contained , portable machine.The machine is fitted with a series of SS Grove pressure roller , which are driven machine by spur gears.
  • That holds the strip and gradual increase in width of the roller Tablet / capsule are pushed out of the pocket the slitters and foil guides are easily and quickly adjustable according to the strip to be feed.
  • A SS chute is provided  to collect the tablets/capsules which are separated from the rejected foil strip.
  • The design is such that the tablets/capsule and De-foiler strip are collected separately .
  • A rotary reversible switch is provided to operate the machine in reverse direction to clear the jamming of the strip.
  • The machine is fully guarded for operators safety. 
  • Defoiling machine is used for recovery of tablets and capsules form strip foils which are rejected.
  • Machine is know for the high performance.
  • Overall power consumption is 40% less related to conventional.
  • All the contact parts are of stainless stell.
  • Defoiling machine is used for separating of tablets from strip without breaking the tablets so that they can be reused.

Features :

  • Easy to handle
  • Attractive
  • use of opaque films
  • cost effective
  • less chances of overdosing
  • protection against cross contamination
  • stability over bottle packs

Specifications :

  • Total Height : 850 mm
  • Charging height : 800 mm
  • Weight of Machine : 80 kgs
  • Overall dimensions :  840 mm L * 350 mm W * 850 mm H
  • Electricity supply : 220 V single phase 0.25 hp * 20 R.P.M  geared motor
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